August | Creative Fundraising

2013 has been the most successful year for BAYAN PNW in terms of fundraising. Between Haiyan Relief and fundraising for Expo, we raised a total of over $70,000 as a region. This is indicative of not only of our growing skills as organizers, but also a stronger structure– forming a Regional Finance Committee and conducting an internal training, along with a wider community base, making AdoboFest, Pin@y Bingo, Food and Sh*t, PHCRP’s Filipino Food Fusion event, and the variety of Haiyan Relief fundraisers possible.

Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites (CARW), who have raised thousands of dollars for our work in the last five years, deepened their involvement as community partners in 2013, engaging in a dynamic process of formalizing our political relationship. Aside from organizing two fundraisers in December, members of CARW also joined Bayan working groups, and was key to the development of the Finance Committee.

One important lesson we applied from the training how fundraising can be utilized as an organizing tool. In 2013, we expanded our community base, leading to more fundraising opportunities and an ever-widening network who support our organizations.

On Sunday, August 18, 6 BAYAN PNW and PUSO members who had been planning to travel to the Philippines on an exposure trip with their children, hosted AdoboFest– a cook-off competition, Expo fundraiser, and block party to determine who has The Best Adobo In Seattle. A judge of community members, including former Mayor Mike McGinn, 7-year old budding food critic, Ajani (the sun of Geo Quibuyen and Chera Amlag), and “drug counselor by day, drag queen by night” superstar Aleksa Manila, amongst others deemed chefs Garrett Doherty and Irbille Donia of pop-up restaurant Kraken Congee as winners. They won a trophy, $100, and an opportunity to have their adobo featured in Beacon Hill Sandwiches’ “Jose Rizal” sandwich. Despite running out of adobo by 3pm, the event was a huge success: meeting fundraising goals and bringing different communities of Seattle together in an unprecedented way in our organizing history.

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