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On November 30, 2013 Anakbayan, a national democratic organization of youth and students with chapters in the Philippines and in the U.S. commemorated their anniversary on the same day as the 150th birthday of Andres Bonifacio, a Philippine national hero and the plebian leader of the Philippine Revolution.

In south Seattle, nearly 100 community members joined the local Anakbayan chapter in celebrating their 11th anniversary with a cultural showcase, Siklab. Anakbayan Seattle members shared music, dance, and spoken word pieces that highlighted the role of youth and students to continue the unfinished revolution that Andres Bonifacio and the Katipunan began. Siklab also showcased over 150 portraits of Bonifacio that Alay ng Kultura artist’s Cesar Cueva and Fernando Argosino drew over 150 days.

In 2013, Anakbayan Seattle had much to celebrate as they saw an unprecedented amount of expansion and leadership growth in their membership through continued educational development, involvement in local workers and immigration reform actions and campaigns, and because of the fierce leadership of an 8 person strong executive committee.

Their growth truly showed in their ability to quickly mobilize other youth and students and the community to show support and donate to Typhoon Haiyan relief at flash actions at Westlake, candlelight vigils on campus, and at various community events. With the audience at Siklab, they were able to raise $1,500 in less than 30 minutes.

And on Saturday, November 30, an additional $600 was raised by 15 BAYAN PNW members and friends who ran in the Seattle Marathon’s 5k race, repping Taskforce Haiyan.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, BAYAN PNW Epic Exposurists celebrated Andres Bonifacio’s birthday by joining the mass rallies and actions held in Quezon City. Alay ng Kultura’s Prometheus Brown and Rogue Pinay took center stage in an impromptu performance with TaBaKK:

Makatwiran ang maghimagsik! Ang maghimagsik ay makatwiran!

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