September | Agitation for the Masses

Alay ng Kultura, a collective of progressive artists, was integral to the work of our region in 2013. In addition to consistent propaganda to support regional campaigns i.e. such as leading chants at the May 1st march; the U.S. Troops Out banner utilized in the mobilization; and Rays Your Mind on November 8 (the first public Bayan PNW event to take place after Typhoon Haiyan hit) to raise funds and awareness and create a solidarity network amongst youth and artists, there was also a strong, consistent presence in mobilizations in support of workers, including giving solidarity messages and coordinating a fiery collaborative performance with Pin@y Sa Seattle for the worker stage at the Folklife Festival.

Alay ng Kultura is also the organization that sent the largest number of people (regionally) to the Philippines for an exposure program, one in July and six in November.

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