2014 Year In Review

2014 was the rise of global people’s resistance against state violence. From the militarized occupation of Palestine, to state-sanctioned killings of students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, to Black people killed by police every 28 hours in the United States, it became abundantly clear that state repression is a weapon wielded by those in power to maintain their power.In the Philippines, the U.S.-Aquino regime continues to kill mass movement leaders with impunity. Armed Forces of the Philippines have deployed 60% of their forces to the Mindanao region, where there is a concentration of multinational corporations taking indigenous lands and exploiting our resources.

Justice for Jennifer Laude became a rallying cry in the Philippines and internationally, after the vicious murder of a Filipina transwoman by U.S. Marine Joseph Pemberton. This took place only months after the Enhanced Cooperation Defense Agreement was signed between the U.S. and Aquino, bypassing the Philippine Senate, to allow U.S. military to station unlimited troops, warships, storage facilities and conduct operation in the Philippines.

BAYAN PNW has responded to the growing state violence by raising funds to sustain our work, conducting trainings to prepare new leaders, sending seven members and one ally to the Philippines to integrate with the mass movement, and confronting violent state forces in the streets, connecting our struggles against U.S. imperialism to people’s resistance taking root and building power in the U.S. and across the globe.

“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” – Mexican Proverb


One Billion Rising

On Feb 14th, 25 Filipina women, girls, and allies led by Gabriela Seattle joined the global One Billion Rising movement by performing a flash-mob at a local shopping mall frequented by many Filipino immigrants, migrants and Fil-Ams in commemoration of “International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women’s Day” or most known as “V-Day.” According to … Continue reading One Billion Rising

International Women’s Day

On March 8th, Gabriela Seattle and Green Bodies gathered over 200 community members and families to take to the streets for International Women’s Day, a global day of action that brings visibility to women’s work within the home, the streets, unions, schools, and everywhere by celebrating their resilience with music and art. Gender justice organizations … Continue reading International Women’s Day

#Not1More at NW Detention Center

On Feb 24th, 5 members of Bayan Queer Collective and PUSO joined the first of a series of direct actions on the NW Detention Center run by private corporation, GEO Groups, the largest detention providers in the US, where undocumented immigrant activists and allies bravely blocked vans from deporting detainees with a human link chain. … Continue reading #Not1More at NW Detention Center

Eskwela ng BAYAN

Eskwela ng BAYAN 2.0 was launched on March 22, 2014 as a skill building and leadership development training designed to prepare Bayan PNW members for local campaign work. It is a model based on National Democratic School or PADEPA, which is utilized to consolidate members in the Philippines. Fifteen members of Anakbayan, Alay ng Kultura … Continue reading Eskwela ng BAYAN

Justice for Trafficked Teachers

On March 17th, the death anniversary of Flor Contemplacion (a Filipino domestic worker who was unjustly executed in Singapore), GABRIELA USA took launched the JUSTICE for Filipino Trafficked Teachers campaign. Since 2003, batches of teachers have been illegally recruited and trafficked to the U.S. by Philippines-based recruitment agency owner Isidro Rodriguez. Case complaints have been … Continue reading Justice for Trafficked Teachers

May 1st in Seattle and Portland

Members of BAYAN USA Pacific Northwest marched, danced, and chanted on the streets of Seattle on May 1st, joining hundreds of immigrant families, workers, community and labor organizers, and allies on International Worker’s Day. BAYAN PNW marched with a Youth and Student Contingent for the second year in a row, joining the Seattle Young People’s Project, … Continue reading May 1st in Seattle and Portland


On April 25, 2014, members of the Bayan Pacific Northwest region came together to stories of transformation, mobilization and resistance in a multi-media show entitled “KADASIG”. The 17 delegates from Seattle including four children traveled to the Philippines last winter (#EpicExpo2013) to participate in Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts and to deepen their understanding of the … Continue reading Kadasig

Solidarity with Palestine

On July 24th, PCHRP took to the streets during the national day of action to demand justice for Palestine. This was an urgent call to stop the Israeli massacre in Gaza, end the blockade, and end US military support to Israel. In this latest round of violence by Israel, over 500 Palestinians have been killed … Continue reading Solidarity with Palestine

Anakbayan USA National Training

The first ever Anakbayan-USA Training was a gathering of nearly 100 members across the nation to sharpen our recruitment, campaigns, fundraise, and socially investigate our communities in order to better agitate, organize, mobilize youth within our respective areas. It was a gathering filled with hope, encouragement, and agitation to be bold and to dare to … Continue reading Anakbayan USA National Training

Eskwela ng GABRIELA

In the summer GABRIELA-Seattle hosted a 5 week educational teach-in and discussion series called Eskwela ng Gabriela on Philippine history and the national democratic movement for liberation in the Philippines through a womyn’s perspective. The educational series was facilitated by leaders within the GABRIELA-Seattle membership and included the following topics: “The Babaylan Reader” — the … Continue reading Eskwela ng GABRIELA

BAYAN PNW Regional Retreat

During the weekend of August 15 – 17, 32 members from BAYAN-PNW organizations and CARW gathered for our annual regional retreat in Mossyrock, WA. It was a jammed packed weekend in a cozy cabin filled with visioning, educating, and building. The weekend kicked off with some fun ice-breakers, a collective zine activity, and organizational highlights … Continue reading BAYAN PNW Regional Retreat

GABRIELA USA All Leaders Training and National Council

Five members from GABRIELA Seattle and two from PCHRP participated in the GAB USA All Leaders Training and National Council held in Washington D.C. from October 3-5.  With the theme, “Mangahas mag organisa! Mangahas magpalawak!! Isulong ang Pambansa Demokratikong Pakikibaka tungo sa paglaya ng kababaihan at mamamayan (Dare to Organize! Dare to expand! Advance the … Continue reading GABRIELA USA All Leaders Training and National Council

BAYAN Queer Collective

In 2014, Bayan Queer Collective grew with a vibrant and militant resurgence. Starting with supporting Not1More actions, to mobilizing for the Seattle Pride and Trans marches, Elaine Agoot and Rosie Dino’s first speeches, leading EDs about LBGT struggle in the ND movement and the Prison Industrial Complex, and then having their first retreat in August … Continue reading BAYAN Queer Collective

Kilusan: Movement; Beyond Solidarity and Relief.

On Sunday, November 30th, 2014, Anakbayan Seattle celebrated our 12th anniversary. We also commemorated the 50th anniversary of Kabataang Makabayan, one of the first Youth and Student progressive organizations in the Philippines. This year’s N30 theme was Kilusan: Movement; Beyond Solidarity and Relief. During the event, we showcased various cultural pieces that inspired by our … Continue reading Kilusan: Movement; Beyond Solidarity and Relief.

Elizabeth Swager, PCHRP ally, Attends Women’s International Solidarity Mission in the Philippines

11​In November 2014, PCHRP co-sponsored an ally to go on an exposure trip to the Philippines. ​Elizabeth Swager, Director of Oregon Fair Trade Campaign (ORFTC), ​attended ​last​ year’s Women’s International Solidarity Mission in the Philippines​ (WISAP)​. The International Solidarity Mission’s objective ​was​ to assess the situation of Filipinos in regions that were affected by super … Continue reading Elizabeth Swager, PCHRP ally, Attends Women’s International Solidarity Mission in the Philippines


In the weeks following the Michael Brown non-indictment decision, BAYAN USA members and organizers, including those of us in Seattle and Portland, joined the protests across the US in response to the human rights crisis exposed in the systemic police killings of unarmed Black people. PCHRP members joined Portland’s AMA Coalition for Police Reform in an emergency … Continue reading #BLACKLIVESMATTER and BAYAN USA

Lakbayan: People’s Journey

Members of Gabriela Seattle, Alay ng Kultura and Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites joined over a thousand people in Socsksargends, Mindanao on a three day march that culminated in a rally in front of Glencore Xstrata regional headquarters in General Santos City and a human blockade of the Digos National Highway. The mobilization, “Lakbayan,” meaning “People’s … Continue reading Lakbayan: People’s Journey