2014 Year In Review

2014 was the rise of global people’s resistance against state violence. From the militarized occupation of Palestine, to state-sanctioned killings of students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, to Black people killed by police every 28 hours in the United States, it became abundantly clear that state repression is a weapon wielded by those in power to maintain their power.In the Philippines, the U.S.-Aquino regime continues to kill mass movement leaders with impunity. Armed Forces of the Philippines have deployed 60% of their forces to the Mindanao region, where there is a concentration of multinational corporations taking indigenous lands and exploiting our resources.

Justice for Jennifer Laude became a rallying cry in the Philippines and internationally, after the vicious murder of a Filipina transwoman by U.S. Marine Joseph Pemberton. This took place only months after the Enhanced Cooperation Defense Agreement was signed between the U.S. and Aquino, bypassing the Philippine Senate, to allow U.S. military to station unlimited troops, warships, storage facilities and conduct operation in the Philippines.

BAYAN PNW has responded to the growing state violence by raising funds to sustain our work, conducting trainings to prepare new leaders, sending seven members and one ally to the Philippines to integrate with the mass movement, and confronting violent state forces in the streets, connecting our struggles against U.S. imperialism to people’s resistance taking root and building power in the U.S. and across the globe.

“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” – Mexican Proverb

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