Elizabeth Swager, PCHRP ally, Attends Women’s International Solidarity Mission in the Philippines

11​In November 2014, PCHRP co-sponsored an ally to go on an exposure trip to the Philippines. ​Elizabeth Swager, Director of Oregon Fair Trade Campaign (ORFTC), ​attended ​last​ year’s Women’s International Solidarity Mission in the Philippines​ (WISAP)​. The International Solidarity Mission’s objective ​was​ to assess the situation of Filipinos in regions that were affected by super typhoon Haiyan which devastated the Philippines in November 2013. During her relief mission, Elizabeth ​was able to connect the climate crisis in the Philippines to trade justice issues, specifically the role of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in post-disaster communities and countries like the Philippines.

Elizabeth’s trip to the Philippines ​was​ a momentous bridge to build in the wake of typhoon Haiyan and the mounting pressure for economic initiatives like the TPP to step in for rehabilitation. We understand that the TPP and these types of interventions only aggravate the situation of post-disaster life and that the people most affected need to be at the forefront of prioritizing what recovery and rehabilitation looks like.

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