BAYAN Queer Collective

In 2014, Bayan Queer Collective grew with a vibrant and militant resurgence. Starting with supporting Not1More actions, to mobilizing for the Seattle Pride and Trans marches, Elaine Agoot and Rosie Dino’s first speeches, leading EDs about LBGT struggle in the ND movement and the Prison Industrial Complex, and then having their first retreat in August and meeting and learning from Migrante BC. When Jennifer Laude was murdered on Oct 11th by US marine Joseph Pemberton, the BQC took leadership highlighting the hate crime with the root cause as US Imperialism being the military’s presence through the Visiting Forces Agreement. They held a vigil and educational dialogues, while continuing the conversations online and in the community about trans violence and the VFA/EDCA. In Jan. 2015 they will have their 2nd retreat and begin plans for expansion, a campaign to Junk VFA /EDCA and Justice for Jennifer Laude, and the beginning of their self-defense/community transformation series.

“Letter to Jennifer Laude” by the BAYAN PNW Queer Collective

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