GABRIELA USA All Leaders Training and National Council

Five members from GABRIELA Seattle and two from PCHRP participated in the GAB USA All Leaders Training and National Council held in Washington D.C. from October 3-5.  With the theme, “Mangahas mag organisa! Mangahas magpalawak!! Isulong ang Pambansa Demokratikong Pakikibaka tungo sa paglaya ng kababaihan at mamamayan (Dare to Organize! Dare to expand! Advance the National Democratic Struggle towards the liberation of women and the people!) – we aroused, mobilized and organized with GABRIELA members from across the country through educational discussions, workshops, and cultural performances.  We were able to learn from and build with GABRIELA DC members who are made up primarily of trafficked teachers.

PCHRP sent Educational Officer Angelica Lim as an observer to the Gabriela ​USA All ​Leaders Training in Washington D.C. this past October. “The weekend with the Gabrielas was agitating and inspiring.” notes Lim. “We marched to the Embassy steps to protest and demand follow through from Philippine Embassador, Jose Cuisia, regarding the 300 trafficked teachers in D.C. who were exploited by Isidro Rodriguez. We called for justice to be brought to the teachers and for Isidro Rodriguez to be held accountable for his actions.”

Following the protest, the ALT was filled with skill-based trainings, a history of GABRIELA, a National Situationer and a Trafficking Campaign ED. Gabrielas and members from other sectors shared cultural work that left the spirits in the conference high. The trainings over the weekend aimed to sharpen the National Democratic Movement’s framework and emphasized the theme Dare to Organize! Dare to Expand! Advance the National Democractice Struggle towards the liberation of women and the people!

“In addition to agit filled agenda of the weekend, building with Gabrielas from all over the nation was solidifying in my organizing. It was an honor to stay with Ate Nhor, one of the trafficked teachers, who was extremely loving and committed to the movement. ”

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