Eskwela ng GABRIELA

In the summer GABRIELA-Seattle hosted a 5 week educational teach-in and discussion series called Eskwela ng Gabriela on Philippine history and the national democratic movement for liberation in the Philippines through a womyn’s perspective. The educational series was facilitated by leaders within the GABRIELA-Seattle membership and included the following topics:

  • “The Babaylan Reader” — the evolution of the Filipina woman through 4 different phases in Philippine History
  • “Queer 101” — a basic understanding of different queer identities and the impacts of heterosexism, patriarchy and homophobia on queer communities
  • “Violence Against Women (VAW)” — the impacts of state repression as it relates to violence against women in the Philippines
  • “Basic Womyn Orientation: Philippine Women Situationer” — discuss 3 layers of oppression impacting various sectors of women in the Philippines
  • “Basic Womyn Orientation: The Women Question” — explore the exploitative conditions of women in the Philippines

The Eskwela ng Gabriela was not only a way to sharpen the education of current members, it cultivated several new members as well as pushing members to take on the role of facilitator as a way to develop new and emerging leadership.

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