Anakbayan USA National Training

The first ever Anakbayan-USA Training was a gathering of nearly 100 members across the nation to sharpen our recruitment, campaigns, fundraise, and socially investigate our communities in order to better agitate, organize, mobilize youth within our respective areas.

It was a gathering filled with hope, encouragement, and agitation to be bold and to dare to struggle in order to support the national democratic movement in the Philippines until revolution is complete. From prop making, to mobilizing against pork barrel and seeking justice for Typhoon Yolanda victims, to impromptu jamming, to food, to walks, and sleep overs, youth and students built and solidified friendships from across the nation. For me it was important and agitating to know that youth and students were not only talking and thinking about the same things, but that we all organize and dreamt for a true and justice Philippines. To hear about the work was one thing, but to know the kasamas names and faces were all the more reason to grasp firmly and commit to the national democratic movement. Till victory!

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