On April 25, 2014, members of the Bayan Pacific Northwest region came together to stories of transformation, mobilization and resistance in a multi-media show entitled “KADASIG”. The 17 delegates from Seattle including four children traveled to the Philippines last winter (#EpicExpo2013) to participate in Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts and to deepen their understanding of the National Democratic movement in the Philippines.

Kadasig was a sweeping event, filling Southside Commons with over 250 attendees including the exposurist’s families, many allies, children of community members, as well as visual art and performances. The program included segments for different issues and sectors that the exposurists learned about during the trip. One of the highlights was 10 year old Ajani Quibuyen sharing his experiences during the hike and integration with a community school in one of the communities recovering from Typhoon Pablo in 2012.

The transformative aspect of the exposure trip was emphasized through powerful cultural work, from originally composed songs, to hand-drawn animation, to homemade cooking and so much more.

“Kadasig” means power, courage, strength and inspiration from the saying, “Dugang Kadasig” or “More Power” heard frequently by the exposurists while Mindanao. For the delegates of #EpicExpo2013, it has also meant finding unity in the midst of struggle, and finding a piece of home in the revolution.

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