Lakbayan: People’s Journey

Members of Gabriela Seattle, Alay ng Kultura and Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites joined over a thousand people in Socsksargends, Mindanao on a three day march that culminated in a rally in front of Glencore Xstrata regional headquarters in General Santos City and a human blockade of the Digos National Highway.

The mobilization, “Lakbayan,” meaning “People’s Journey,” stretched across approximately 100 miles from Dec. 8 through Dec. 10 in timing with International Human Rights Day — one of many recent demonstrations uniting Philippine people across provinces and activists around the world in a decades-long struggle to keep multinational mining corporations out of Mindanao.
This struggle revolves around a $5.9 billion Tampakan Copper-Gold Project, named after the Mindanao town where the operational base is located. The project is largely controlled by newly merged multinational mining corporation Glencore-Xstrata, estimated to destroy nearly 125 square miles of farming land and rainforest inhabited by the indigenous B’laan people.
Jill Mangaliman and Katrina Pestano both delivered solidarity statements on behalf of Bayan PNW, and volunteered to be the social media/prop team. You can read their account of the experience in an article for the Seattle Globalist here, and find their photos on instagram: #Lakbayan5 #kajileanexpo2014
Jill Mangaliman participated in many other actions and integrated with Bayan Philippines during their 2014 Exposure Program.

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