International Women’s Day

On March 8th, Gabriela Seattle and Green Bodies gathered over 200 community members and families to take to the streets for International Women’s Day, a global day of action that brings visibility to women’s work within the home, the streets, unions, schools, and everywhere by celebrating their resilience with music and art. Gender justice organizations spoke out against human trafficking, sexual violence and abuse, the military and prison industrial complex, forced migration, and sexual exploitation.

Luzviminda Uzuri Carpenter from Green Bodies stated, “We chose to not just focus on the injustice, but also name that yes, harm is being done to women every day and they are surviving and being resilient every day by creating joy for themselves and others. We are going to bring voice to our struggles by being loud and we are going to show how resilient we are with music, song, dance, and art.”

Calls from supporters focused on economic justice, racial justice, and other intersections. There are many calls to transform women’s live including, but not limited to free Melissa Alexander, end false imprisonments, free political prisoners, true reproductive health & justice, end to trans violence, end the trafficking of all people, support the $15 Now campaign for living wages, and much more. Some of the speakers included Councilmember Kshama Sawant, Annaliza Torres, Storme Webber, Stephanie Hazelrigg, and Precious Butiu chair of Gabriela Seattle. 

Donna Denina, GABRIELA USA Political Education officer stated: “We must continue to connect struggles of women, be it violence, state repression, labor exploitation, accessibility to healthcare, to the struggle of all oppressed and marginalized people across the globe. Women’s issues are people’s issues.”

Photos by Alex Garland

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