#Not1More at NW Detention Center

On Feb 24th, 5 members of Bayan Queer Collective and PUSO joined the first of a series of direct actions on the NW Detention Center run by private corporation, GEO Groups, the largest detention providers in the US, where undocumented immigrant activists and allies bravely blocked vans from deporting detainees with a human link chain. The detainees learned of the support outside and gathered courage to begin a 50-day hunger strike and work stoppage, demanding for better conditions within the private prison, as well as a stoppage of deportations < http://www.notonemoredeportation.com/portfolio/support-the-1200-detainees-on-hunger-strike-near-seattle/&gt;. Additionally, Not1More led actions to support LGBT detainees for health care access and to stop the bullying and torture due to sexual identity. BQC held a prison industrial complex queer teach-in, tying the for-profit prison/detention system together with the binary and dehumanizing systems of US imperialism.

From March to the present, the Not1More Collectiva was formed and continued to pressure Geo Groups with direct actions and cultural work throughout the year, highlighting the inhumane conditions of the facility and the racism which the US immigration system is built upon. Bayan PNW members supported where they could, camping with the protesters, marching and creating art together, and attending immigration hearings to show solidarity.

On Nov. 20th, Obama issued an executive order to give temporarily relief to 5 million undocumented immigrants. Though this is certainly a win brought about by grassroots pressure by the Not1More chapters around the country, there are still 6 million undocumented immigrants without a path to citizenship or no solution to the underlying issue of forced migration and poverty in the global south brought about by Capitalist economic policies like NAFTA and the TPPA. There have been over 2,000,000 immigrants deported and separated from their families under Obama’s administration.

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