Thirty two delegates from the Pacific Northwest joined thousands of demonstrators from across the globe in one of the largest US mobilizations to confront NATO (North Atlantic Trade Organization) and the G8 last weekend in Chicago. On May 19th, on the birthdate people’s leaders like Malcolm and Ho Chi Minh, the US Chapter of the International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS) held its founding assembly preceding the massive protest, and led a contingent of over 230 people representing national liberation struggles around the world as a key strategy in defeating the US-NATO agenda against imperialism.

Bayan USA, a member organization of the ILPS representing the National Democratic Movement of the Philippines, also held it’s 4th Congress. Gabriela USA, the women’s arm of the National Democratic movement, held its 2nd Congress, and progressive Filipino youth and student organizations across the nation held its founding assembly to establish Anakabayan USA. Please join us in a community reportback to learn about the growing anti-imperialist movement in the US.